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T.A.B. is an interactive fiction/text adventure program for Windows and made with thinBasic.
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 understanding carriedX

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PostSubject: understanding carriedX   Thu Jul 31, 2008 10:41 pm

I've looked in the language.txt file and have been trying to understand the carriedX.

Could someone explain how this is to be used?

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PostSubject: Re: understanding carriedX   Fri Aug 01, 2008 11:36 am

Hi Sandy,



Check if a particular object is carried by player or not carried by player

X = object number

Object 5 = a sword

Character 1 = a creature

Example usage:

attack creature with sword#charpresent1#carried5[acts]cmessYou swing the sword and swiftly decapitate the creature. It is dead.#charloc1=0#else#charpresent1#notcarr5[acts]cmessBut you aren't holding a sword![end]

This translates as:
IF character 1 (the creature) is present AND the sword is carried THEN kill the creature and remove it from game (set its location to 0) ELSE IF the creature is here but the sword is not carried THEN tell the player via a cmess action...

There are also companion commands:

objlocn1=carried - is objn1 carried?
objlocn1=notcarried - is objn1 not carried?

Here is a further example which could follow the above one:

attack %charn1% with %objn2%#charpresentn1#objlocn2=carried[acts]cmessYou attack %charname1% with the %objn2%. It didn't seem to have any effect...#else#charpresentn1#objlocn2=notcarried[acts]cmessBut you aren't holding a %objn2%![end]

This will trigger if the player tries to attack ANY valid character with ANY valid object providing the character is present and will produce a different reply depending on if the object in question is carried or not carried.


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understanding carriedX

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