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T.A.B. is an interactive fiction/text adventure program for Windows and made with thinBasic.
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 Doors open and close advice

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PostSubject: Doors open and close advice   Wed Jun 16, 2010 6:17 pm

Hi Guys

Just put in some doors in to a game and a thought occured (as it does)
1.Where exactly is the best place to place the code in the response table so that its caught be the parser more effectively. i.e. a section is allocated for user commands but is that the best place or before some of the default movement commands?

2. should the direction allowed also be placed in the location table ?

3. once in a room having opened the door and used the connect command this allows traffic one way but what about return through the open door - should the code have a second connect?
[start]open door#room=22#flag30=0[acts]cmessYou open the door#flag30=1#connect22=eastto28#connect28=westto22#cmessThe door is open.#else#room=22#flag30=1[acts]cmessThe door is already open![end]

4. Is it best to programme the opening of each door in each location then all the closing of all door in each location OR should the doors be programmed open and closed by each location sequentially

Just interested to see what others are doing here as well...............
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Doors open and close advice

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